Monday, December 28, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Whenever I was little, I always dream about going abroad...places that we watched in the TV..those time there were NO Astro (travel channel) or even the travelling programs like 3 hari/2 mlm @ TV9....there's only TV1,TV2 and TV3...(yeah..boring!i know!)

The first travelling experience that I could remember..when I was 10, my late mother brought us the whole family to Medan,Indonesia for a Family trip...ohh how I was so thrilled to go on that trip...I couldn't even go to sleep thinking of the trip the next day...since it was my first time travelling by air....all I can tell it was a lot of fun!!...visiting new places in Medan like the Danau Toba Lake,Brastagi and Parapat(that's what I could ever remember)..

Until now, I'm really into travelling....doesn't matter if it's in Malaysia or outside Malaysia...And I always choose the best air services which is Malaysia Airlines(MAS) as my travelling companion..

Before this I always used the traditional way,you the MAS customer centre to make your reservations or maybe buy the ticket through the counters provided...

Then comes the internet booking..where you can booked online..just with one click away...provided with you computer and internet connections of course..

But recently, MAS has launched it's latest service,the, by just using your mobile you can book your flights and even check the details that you want!NO computers or wired internet connections at can access the anywhere you like!! In cars(when you're stucked in the traffic) restaurant(where they didn't provide you with WiFi)..or even when you're out shopping!!

You can give it a try!!trust's convenient and easy to use..


Hazwan Hakim said...

nice entry..hope u win!

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SyaZaNa said...

Thanks...hope u will win too!!