Friday, November 13, 2009

Pampered myself wif these!!

Just got back from Mid Valley...actually I was looking for a facial wash + toner as I've been using Shiseido for 2 years...semua pon dh habis..(and my SA pon dh lari keje LANCOME) i've decided to pay her a visit while I was in Mid Valley....

At first mmg nk beli Shiseido punyer Facial Wash and Softener(toner)...but then when I saw my SA's face...her name was nicky btw.....wahhhhh...her face was clean n clear.....

I was like amazed and I asked her about the LANCOME product and finally she suggested me to give it a try....

So I just bought the basics...and it was cheaper than Shiseido!!yey.....

(From right to left)
The Self-foaming Cleanser (byk bubbles...takyah pakai air to create the bubbles)
The Soothing Anti-stress Moisturizing Lotion

The Extreme Soothing Moisturizing Cream Gel

just these 3 products....and I've got a lot of FREE GIFTS..yey!!(pictures shown below)

I've got :
Express Cleansing Water Face,Eyes & Lips
Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam

Visible Renewing Hydrating Lotion

Cell Defense & Skin Renewing Essence

Visible Smoothing Renewing Eye Moisturiser

Visible Smoothing Renewing Emulsion
Visible Revitalising Renewing Night Moisturiser

Lancome Mascara (Virtuose)

The new parfume...

oh ya...and plus the Brown Bag for FREE!!!OMG..i loved FREE gifts!!eheheh

If anyone of you were looking for new facial products..I suggest to you to give LANCOME a try!!

It's need to many ranges of product...


It's worth your money.....only RM400++!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Updates on me..

Sorry to for not updating for such a long time...(coz i bukannya jenis yg duduk ngadap in front of pc 24/7 and keep on updating about my progress....).

I've created this blog just to share with you guys what've i've been's like my public diary to you.....

But my current obsses is Facebook!!!(anytime...anywhere...misti facebook punyer!!'s fun laa....coz i've met a lot of my old frens....and keep interviewing each other!!)

and I can't live without my Facebook!!

P/s:Ini bukan promo untuk facebook yer...saje suka2......hihihihihhihih

OMG i loved this!

Ya Allah...cantiknye baju iteww........i suka!!i think maybe i would wear sumthin' like this when i'm up on stage next year....sgt glamorous okay!!!

(picture:Siti Nurhaliza in MIFA 2009)