Monday, January 24, 2011

Alalala...comelnye anak mama!

When you have kid u will probably have the hobby of snapping their pic in whatever situations right?!!like me..i like to snap the pics of my Miracle Baby everyday..every second.....

Like this cute.....cepat sungguh anak mama membesar!

mummy sure gonna mish u more bile u dh grown up nnti..sob!sob!


Lunch Date with Friends!

Last Sunday I went for a lunch date in klcc with my friends..but I'm the only who bring along hubby & my son..the rest semua dtg single mingle yer..ish2....

At first decide nk makan Chillis..then Madam Kwan's...

Me & hubby waiting for queue in Madam Kwans with Lil Haziq..


Then back to chillis again!!!!haha

Me & lil sis,ira

ayah mithali

exploring ipad hubby...nk hasut die suruh beli sebenarnya!hahah

hubby's meal

my meal....

model burger chillis..

basically we had fun!lame x hang out with friends...skali skala jugak!

till then...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 2011!

Salam all,

It has been way too long since i've last updated my blog..due to by bz"ness" of managing my new life..raising my lil one,Muhd Hairul Haziq & manage my career & family..

here a lil updates yeah..

Haziq dah pandai gelak...comel"ness"

and he can even meniarap..

I also will start updating my blog this few weeks...sorry again for the lateness..thank u all my loyal readers..*muahks*