Thursday, December 10, 2009

School holiday Shopping Spree!!

When I were makes me really excited when it comes to school-stuff-shopping...hahahah..yerla...masuk tahun baru kan..mesti nk everything brand new....ade je benda nak dibeli kan....survey dulu....then baru beli.....ikut trend laa katekan...

So this year i only left with two of my dearest brother and little sister yg nk membeli barang2 skolah nih...

So we went out for the school-stuff-hunting mission with my sister,brother,hubby and one of my sister's best gal, Puteri...

We've chosen MV to do all the shopping as it has it all...and we manage to get all the listings complete....phhewwwww!!....

  1. School Uniform - Checked
  2. Shoes - Checked
  3. Stationaries - Checked
  4. School bags - Checked
  5. Sleepwear - Checked (for my little sister..)
  6. MONOPOLY - Checked...(hahahahahha...nih bukan untuk skolah pon..)

Alhamdulillah...atleast i've settled everything before the school open in January 2010...

My little sister with her bestmate,Puteri....(mcm name dlm sitkom puteri jer..ekekeke)

the bag she has chosen to buy..purple..i like!

reading the toy r us catalog while waiting for my brother and hubby went for their jeans hunting

Bought this for my little sister..atleast ade hiburan skit cuti2 skolah nih.. (sebenarnyer aku ngn hubby yg mau main!!..hahahahha..)

esok nk sambung for my baju kurung + shoe hunting plak...sbb mlm esok ade wedding kat KGPA kan...saje mengader nk beli baju and kasut baru....hihihihihih

lame x kuar beli-membeli nih....


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