Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Minute Shopping Mission!! the title stated above...I mmg tgh rushing to go for my last minute shopping for the wedding events this week...and all I can say it's fun!!

After the Jumaat and hubby straight ahead to MV to do my last minute shopping(mcm besa la..tmpt favourite kan..hahah)....we're walking like we're in a marathon or something...luckily I already know what I'm sgt menjimatkan masa!!

Baju ini dibeli di butik Rafflesia berhampiran bdr tun razak jer....just the perfect outfit!

Hasilnya....taraaa!!(ish3..mmg best la shopping!!..hikhik..)

Kasut from Charles & Keith....aku tatau la nape i'm into white color right now!...nice

My all time favourite...Bobbi Brown Oil Control Lotion SPF 15 and Brightening Compact Powder Foundation..

Purple Ring and lip balm from DiVa..(btw..the cute lip balm cost only RM19.90)

ok gals..will update later on the weddings & engagements...can't wait..yey!!

stay tuned.........ohh..and have a nice weekend!

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