Saturday, June 9, 2012

What happened back since April 2012

Maybe it's a bit back dated but a lil update on what happened in April.....

It's my hubby's birthday!!!!

This year I've decided not to throw a big celebration like last we first we celebrated just the 3 of us in Delicious Mid Valley...

Mine usual - 4 cheese Macaroni
Hubby's Menu - Hainan Chicken Chop
With his pre-birthday cake - Red Velvet Cupcakes
My son having his all time fav - spaghetti bolognaise

Followed by a family dinner at our crib.........

Special Rainbow Cake ordered from Little Bakerina...(as usual,my fav!!)......

This is the special cake
Us as one family - coming soon another one!yey!
The inside of the cake

Later i will update on the what happened in May 2012 next...the worst month I can say in 2012...

Till then

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