Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm helping my cousin to sell her cookies for raya!!

You can send your order to me and I will forward it directly to her as she's not into the internet thingy..(so no fb or so what..haha)

The list of the Raya Cookies:
1.Biskut Sarang Semut
2.Biskut mazola
3.Seri Madu Cornflakes
4.Biskut Cornflakes

5.Biskut Ratana
6.Choc Chip cookies

For 50 pieces: RM18.00
For 100 pieces: RM34.00
For more than 200 pieces special price will be given...

List seterusnya akan diupdate later yer...sbb stakat ini...this are the only cookies yg dia bg to me..will update with pics skali....

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nicolred said...

wow! belom puasa lg dah mula jual...hahahaha bagus bagus