Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Planner/Photographer is on!!!

As i've mentioned earlier..we have changed our business lines....well...into printing and services...all things that involves weddings!!!......we also can provide you with the consultation for weddings(e.g.wedding planner)....including the make-up,the wedding dress, hantarans,inai,invitation cards and wedding photographer......you can choose from normal lace up to french lace with an affordable price!!!!no need for hassle...we'll do it all for you!!

For wedding planner service/ photography service only (not including the packages displayed here) the price would be:

Wedding Planner= rm1000

I don't charge by hours...this package will cover until the end of the wedding..for outdoor shooting..additional charges will occur....

 =rm500- 3 rolls film (sticky album & 3 pieces of 8X12R)
 =rm600- 4 rolls film (sticky album & 4 pieces of 8X12R)

You can see the pictures at http://syazfirul.fotopages.com

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